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Charlotte Milligan Fox

of the
Irish Harpers

edited by Sara C Lanier


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£15.00, Dec. 2013
ISBN 978-1-909721-01-2
22 b/w illus.; pp. xxxiv + 342, PB
History & Musicology, Irish studies


Charlotte Milligan Fox, sister of the poet Alice Milligan, was a founder of the Folk Song Society (now The English Folk Song and Dance Society), a founding member of the Irish Folk Song Society and the founding editor of The Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society. She was also an indefatigable field collector of Irish traditional music.

Her discovery and research into the lost Bunting manuscripts, described as “easily the most important corpus of Irish folk music and poetry” was a major contribution to Irish music. From these papers collected over Bunting’s lifetime and preserved by his children, she compiled The Annals of the Irish Harpers.

Milligan Fox’s singularly important work is here presented for the twenty-first century reader. This edition of Annals offers a much greater number of illustrations than were included in the original 1911 publication, a full biographical introduction, an extensive bibliography of the writings of Milligan Fox and an appendix discussing the variant texts of Arthur O’Neills Memoirs. The short index prepared for the 1911 edition has been extended to almost three times as many entries and offers the modern reader a more sensitive tool with which to examine Milligan Fox’s seminal research.


‘What pleasure awaits not only music-lovers, but those who will enjoy the sidelights thrown upon an extraordinarily interesting period of Irish history.’

‘T.W.E.D.’ The Irish Church Quarterly, 1912.


‘With every chapter a new contribution is made to one’s knowledge of Irish history.’

Irish Review 1912.


‘We can hardly imagine anyone who cares for Ireland taking it up and being able to lay it down unfinished.’

‘R.A.S.M.’ The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1912.